Managing the Customer Journey

Elevate your customer’s experience and build your business reputation through strategies that prioritise positive and profitable customer relationships.

Disconnected and assumption-led customer journeys are some of the biggest barriers to building lasting relationships with your customers and ensuring the success of your organisation. On this course, you’ll be encouraged to challenge them.

Under the watchful eye of Professor Heiner Evanschitzky, you’ll explore the different ways data can help you hone your customer approach. You’ll learn the value of looking at the customer journey holistically, and you’ll discover tools, techniques and concepts that’ll help you maximise every customer interaction and convert your potential purchasers into consumers that keep coming back.





4 days

Upcoming Sessions

13-16 May 2024

15-18 Oct 2024





Key Information

Course topics

Day one

  • An introduction to the language and conceptual basics surrounding customer journey management
  • Explore key aspects of the customer journey, including customer loyalty, relationship dynamics, inspiration, engagement, and co-creation
  • Analyse examples of successful customer experiences within the retail and service industry

Day two

  • Learn about customer relationship management, relationships dynamics, and customer touchpoints
  • Discover how to apply positive customer journey initiatives in business-to-customer settings
  • Map out your current customer journey to identity your organisation’s challenges and areas for improvement

Day three

  • Discover measurement tools to better understand customer perceptions and behaviours during their journey
  • Gain insight from an industry speaker and their development of the customer journey index (CJI)
  • Measure the impact of the customer journey index on your organisation

Day four

  • Discuss new approaches to measure and manage customer-firm relationships
  • Delve deeper into the concept of customer inspiration and how it can be used as a key performance indicator for customer-facing firms
  • Reflect on your learnings gained throughout the course and discuss how can apply/implement ideas with fellow delegates

There will be a networking drinks reception on evening one where you will get to know your course colleagues. There will also be a course dinner on evening three, offering the opportunity for your class to come together with a wider cohort of short-course learners to expand your networking opportunities.

How you learn

Delivered face-to-face at Alliance Manchester Business School’s Executive Education centre, this course involves a range of interactive learning styles that connect theory with practice. Upon completion of this course, you will return to your organisation with applied, up to date knowledge of managing your customer journeys.

Throughout the course, you will hear from leading academics, network with a variety of business leaders and work with other delegates to apply core aspects of the course to your organisation.

During your time on this course, you will gain several stand-out learning experiences, including:

Applied Learning - A learning environment created by the course facilitator that draws on the experience and input of your course peers.

Knowledge Transfer - A steady stream of feedback from participating peers with diverse business backgrounds to help build your leadership skills.

Reflection - A rare time-out to contemplate your own digital marketing capabilities and challenges while engaging with our world-class experts in the marketing field.

Network Expansion - An expanding professional network drawn from your peers.

Personal Growth - An expanding self-awareness of your own marketing competencies and how they can be honed.

Behavioural Change - An adoption of new rationales and mindsets that improve your managerial skills.

How you benefit

  • Refresh your understanding of effective management of customers during their interaction with your organisation
  • Increase confidence when applying tools and models to measure aspects of the customer journey
  • Acquire skills in leading senior-level strategy conversations
  • Learn tools to measure the quality of your existing customer journey and identify changes needed to provide an improved customer experience
  • Become a member of the AMBS Executive Education Network and benefit from top-class speaker events, regular updates and networking opportunities with like-minded professionals
  • Demonstrate your commitment to continued professional development and gain expert insights through real-world case studies and industry speakers

How your organisation benefits

  • Implement new approaches into your organisation to improve customer inspiration and customer value
  • Suggest ways in which your organisation could enhance their customers’ experiences
  • Apply measurement tools and frameworks which solidify your organisation’s strategies
  • Use customer journey data to demonstrate what the customer truly needs to improve customer relationships
  • Share knowledge of new-found tools, techniques, and concepts that will help to maximise every customer interaction and convert potential purchases into returning customers

Who should attend

This course is designed for business professionals from customer-facing industries such as retailing and services, who want to improve how their organisation interacts with its customers, by taking a strategic view on the customer journey and unleashing competitive advantages.

Course Lead

Heiner Evanschitzky, Professor of Marketing, has researched primarily in retail marketing/management and has investigated in technology in customer inspiration and participation, relationship marketing, and profit chain models.

His international experience is extensive, having received his PhD from the University of Muenster, Germany, and spent time as visiting professor at University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, Curtin Business School, Australia, and Florida Atlantic University in the US.


Upon successful completion of this short business course, participants will be awarded the Manchester Professional Certificate in Managing the Customer Journey.

You will also receive a digital Manchester Professional Certificate in Managing the Customer Journey from Accredible, in the form of an online certificate and badge which can be displayed on LinkedIn profiles and represents completion and participation in the course.

You can choose to curate your own curriculum by attending any four courses from our extensive portfolio. On completion of the four courses of your choice, you will be awarded the Manchester Professional Diploma in Leadership.